Traditional Pursuits Pattaya Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Traditional Pursuits Pattaya

Traditional Pursuits Pattaya Thailand Travel Guide Besides the frenetic nightlife and other kinds of entertainment, a quiet corner of Pattaya still remains. Those interested in the traditional Thai way of life may be interested in leaving behind mass tourism entertainment in search of a more genteel holiday. Those who head to the beach resort of Pattaya may not be seeking a quiet place among a green landscape. However, it is amazing to know that some tourists, particularly those from the big cities, love to spend a quiet break on an old farm. I ventured down to this attraction and was greeted by laughter from a small group of Chinese tourists as they enjoyed participating in a traditional Thai wedding ceremony. The lovely couple were not strangers, but friends dressed up in Thai wedding garments.

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A Trip Back in Time to Old Sena Ayutthaya Thailand Travel Guide

A Trip Back in Time to Old Sena Ayutthaya Thailand Travel Guide Although it is close to Bangkok, the Sena area in Ayutthaya is still considered to be off the tourist track. A home stay initiative introduced to the village of Rang Jorakhay in December last year enables those fascinated with the simple lifestyle of rural people a chance to explore what remains of Thai cultural heritage in the 21st century. Despite the fact that it is less than two hours from the capital, Sena's location is still elusive. There is little reason to be here and a lot more to see in Ayutthaya, but I made the trip because I came across a leaflet offering visitors an opportunity to stay with a village family. Consequently, I decided to embark on a new adventure. In her early thirties, Wannarat, a non-formal education teacher, is a member of a home stay project in Sena. We met her one day in the afternoon at the public library in town and travelled to her relatives' home 4km away.

Yaowaraj Food Festival Thailand Travel Guide

Yaowaraj Food Festival Thailand Travel Guide Yaowaraj road will be temporarily closed from midnight next Sunday so that it can be transformed into the grand venue selected to host the Yaowaraj "Clean Food Good Taste" festival. Gourmets and gourmands are invited to enjoy the goodies from more than 200 food stalls in China Town from midday until midnight on Sunday. Last year's festival - the first - was a smash success and this time round the organisers expect even bigger participation. The three main highlights of the event are: best recipes of Yaowaraj from leading restaurants, food stalls and cafes; the oldest resident of Yaowaraj (born in 1900); and a contest for the best conserved building in China Town. For details, contact 02-694-1222.